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Online Shopping Tips

                 SHOPPING PROCESS

Online shopping process

  Register as a member or log in to your account

  Click the "Member" button at the top right to register for free

  First shopping

  Please register as a GaiaButa online store member for free.  Members can view account information, shopping records (such as order number, order details, or order status, and also store personal information such as address in the "Member Center" to facilitate next online shopping.

  Online shopping steps

  1) Log in to GaiaBuya online store

  2) Choose favorite aquatic products

  3) Click "Add to shopping basket" or click the product, and select the required quantity

  4) After completing the purchase, click "Shopping Cart" in the upper right corner to proceed to checkout

  5) Enter your delivery details

  6) Confirm shipping method

  7) Choose the payment method, confirm the order and complete the transaction!

  **If you transfer money, you need to upload the payment certificate

  8) Confirm the payment is successful

  9) Arrange delivery

  You can shop on GaiaBuya online store in a few simple steps!

  Select product tips

  "Homepage"-View the latest products, popular products, online exclusive brands, etc.

  "Selected Offers"-Provide the latest discount information

  "Product category"-including skin care products, cosmetics, personal care, health food and snacks, lifestyle, gift sets, click on the category of change will display related products

  "Search bar"-you can enter the product name, brand or related keywords in the search at the top, and then click to view the search results

  Shop products

  The "shopping cart" at the top right of the page will display the product quantity and amount in real time.

  You can modify the number of products in the order in the "shopping cart".


Confirm Order

  After completing the transaction, you will receive a confirmation order notification in your email address.

  It contains your order details.  You can also click "Members>History Orders"

  Check your order details.


Delivery methods

  The company provides Hong Kong delivery service

  Our company also provides overseas shipping, please contact us for details

  All orders sent to Hong Kong can be arranged by appointment or delivered by courier company

  (If there is no special instruction, use SF Express service to deliver the goods)

  As an alternative to SF Express, if the delivery address is a non-trade area of ​​Hong Kong or a remote area of ​​Hong Kong, an additional HK$30 per ticket will be charged for on-site collection and delivery. The surcharge can be bound to the freight (delivery or collect). For detailed terms, please refer to the SF website  .

  Free shipping on orders over HK$400.  Free shipping includes GaiaBuya pick-up location, SF station, by the way smart cabinets, SF service center, industrial and commercial buildings, and residential buildings.

  Arrive 5~7 days after shipment.

  Note to Credit Card Payment Users


After receiving the payment, you will (in 4 working invoices) receive a confirmation email from our company to notify you of the pick-up or delivery information.


Pay attention to transfer payment users

  After the transfer, the deposit slip must be uploaded to our company for verification, upload method

  After logging in to the account/order record/viewing content, there is an expected paper counting function

  After you receive the confirmation email from our company, the consignment or personal delivery will be arranged on the 3rd to 7th day.

  *Please complete the payment within 3 times, otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically.

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