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Brand: 未设置品牌 Model: JYCRY210407100005
     Experts remind: In order to ensure the cleaning and efficacy of crystals, it is applied every 2-3 months.Why is it to be dedupically?1. Cleaning and sterilization prevent skin disease: scientifically, people's dead skin tissue attached to the crystal jewelry to breed fungi, ..
Brand: 喵心宝 Model: PWPS210210100005
  INS wind oval pet double bowl   Material: High-flow, solid and environmentally friendly PP Color: pink, green, gray Specification: length 33cm, width 17.5cm, height 5cm, weight 250g   ..
Brand: Disney/迪士尼 Model: DZTY210312100001
  Product Name: Ice and Snow Multifunctional Teaching Music Piano Packing specification: 65.5*45.5*68CM (4PCS) Gross net weight: 18/16KGS Function description:  1. There are 37 keys 2. Multiple tones/rhythms 3. Colorful lights 4. Adjustable volume/rhythm 5. Multiple percussion 6. Reco..
Brand: Disney/迪士尼 Model: DZTY210312100004
  Product Name: Ice and Snow Electronic Piano Packing specification: 70.5*45*59CM (18PCS) Gross net weight: 18.5/16KGS Function description: 1. There are 37 keys 2. Various tones/rhythm 3. Colorful lights 4. Adjustable volume/rhythm 5. Multiple percussion music 6. Recording/playing function 7. K..
Brand: Disney/迪士尼 Model: DZTY210312100006
Product Name: Ice Snow/Songsong Multifunctional Teaching DrumPacking specification: 75*40.5*55.5CM (4PCS)Gross net weight: 14/12.5KGSFunction description:1. Simulation tone design 2. Luxury lighting equipment 3. Applause, laugh button 4, 6 drum heads5. Demonstration song6. Power on the pluggable pow..
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