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Brand: 中性 Model: HAKA210402100002
Home cotton candy machine fully automatic cotton sugar machine (US Europe) Cotton Candy Maker Machine Voltage: 110V-220V  Product size: 25 * 25 * 18 packaging size 26 * 13 * 26 cm Default US European regulations, other specifications are required to contact customer service or submissions, f..
Brand: HCS Model: HAKA210402100004
  Capacity: Each time you add a spoonful of oil, a spoonful of corn, you can explode 1.8L popcorn How to operate Before first use, with moist, non-mossed sponges, towels or cloth wipe the inside of the equipment, and then wipe with non-grindable dry towels.Wipe the inside of stainless steel pot a..
Brand: 中性 Model: HAKA210402100003
New home automatic popcorn machine electric explosion machine explosion corn machine popcorn Popcorn MachineSize: 29 * 15 * 15cm Color box Size: 29.5 * 19 * 15.5cm Weight: 0.9kg Household automatic popcorn machine electric burst machine explosion corn machine popcorn POPCORN MACHINE..
Brand: MIXIN/米心 Model: HAKA210402100007
There are two specifications, 17 * 25cm; 10 * 15cm; one pack is 100 Weight: 864G / Small bag 1 pack: 292g, large bag 1 package: 748g..
Brand: Rasonic 樂信 Model: RC-XN719J
Rasonic RobinsonRC-XN719J 1 Pi R32 window type air conditionerrefrigeration performance Btu / h 7,400                      Volume (H x Width x Depth) 346 x 450 x 590weight 29 kgattachment co..
Brand: Model: HAKA210402100008
Product Name: Mini WafflesPower: 350WProduct packaging: color boxProduct Size: 16 * 12 * 8.5cmColor box size: 18 * 14.5 * 9.5cmProduct Net weight: 0.6kgColor box weight: 0.69kg..
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