Quartz Crystal is a transparent largequartz crystal mineral. Its main chemical component is silicon dioxide. The chemical formula is SiO2. Transparent crystals are colorless, purple, yellow, green and smokey. There are also crystals containing packages, such as hair crystals, ghosts, and so on. Glass gloss. Transparent to translucent. Hardness 7. (similar to jade) brittle. There is no reason. Crystal density: 2.56-2.66 g/cm3. (Jade is 3.33-3.34) Crystal refractive index: 1.544-1.553, (Jade 1.66) is hardly beyond this range. Crystal dispersion: 0.013. The melting point of the crystal is 1713 degrees C. 


Crystals and ordinary sand are a substance of "same birth". When silicon dioxide crystallization is perfect, it is crystal; silicon dioxide is dehydrated into agate; silicon dioxide water-containing colloids become opals when solidified; and silica grains are less than a few microns, they form jade, zircon, secondary quartz rock. Pure, colorless transparent crystals are a variant of quartz. A variety of colors are rendered due to the inclusion of different mixtures or mechanical blends. Because the chemical elements contained are different, the colors are not the same, so there are colorful crystals.

King of Crystals, Tourmaline


Tourmaline, also known as Electric Stone, was first used for scientific research. Although tourmaline has not been used in jewelry decoration for a long time, it has now become a favorite of major jewelers, and at the same time in China tourmaline also has an excellent consumer market.

The color of tourmaline

The biggest characteristic of tourmaline is that there are many colors, and the more bright, the higher the permeability of the better, there are about 15 kinds. The main colors are, colorless, rose red, pink, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black, and divided into red tourmaline, green tourmaline, blue tourmaline, black tourmaline, purple tourmaline, colorless tourmaline, two-color tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, cat-eye blue, sodium magnesium tourmaline, Alexandria color-changing tourmaline, calcium lithium tourmaline, chrome-containing tourmaline and Paraiba tourmaline and other 14 kinds. Recently, there is another Afghan tourmaline, colorful, more beautiful, mostly light green, light red, the price is cheaper than traditional tourmaline.

Among the many types of tourmaline, bright rose red, purple red, green, pure blue as the best. The higher the transparency, the better the color, and the higher the price of the entire tourmaline. Watermelon tourmaline, which is characterized by a crystal inside, has the characteristics of inner red, outer green, similar to the color of watermelon. Because it is more precious, the price is higher.

Tourmaline belongs to a kind of high-end gemstone, pure body tourmaline, in the domestic jewelry market is basically carat as the price unit. As things stand, its price is second only to diamonds, red treasures, blue treasures, emeralds, and the momentum of development is significant. If you go to the market to buy tourmaline, you need to pay attention to the difference between it and crystal and other colored semi-precious stones, if it is possible to make a certificate, (new means of counterfeiting have glue coloring, there is garnet sea blue treasureplus other color tourmaline wear into a string) to ensure the buyer's rights and interests. As a high-end gem, I recommend that you wear tourmaline carefully and try not to touch it vigorously.

The Stone of Courage --- the blue treasure of the sea


Aquamarinl, the English name for aquamarinl, derives from the Latin Sea Water "sea water". Legend has it that this beautiful gem is produced on the bottom of the sea and is the essence of the sea, so the navigator uses it to pray for the safety of navigation, calling it the god of blessing. China's gem industry calls aquamarine sapphire blue crystal.

Aquamarine has long been hailed as the "stone of the brave" and is seen as a sign of happiness and eternal youth. Many countries around the world have designated aquamarine as the "March Birthstone", symbolizing composure, courage and intelligence. Wearing aquamarine can make a person prescious. At the same time, it also has the power of hypnosis and stress and magical medical value, with aquamarine-soaked water can cure eye disease and hit er. Hailanbao's five lines of water, the most suitable for five lines of happy water people to use and wear. More suitable for some industries to use language, conversation, sound lines and so on. Such as teachers and salesmen.

The energy of Hailanbao corresponds to the "throat wheel" of the body's seven wheels.

Aquamarine helps individuals with their ability to express themselves, their language skills, their comprehension, their throat health, and the operation of their balanced lymphatic systems. The benefits are enormous.

It is said that emotional people have a unique love of sea blue crystal is not unreasonable. Generally speaking, in psychology, sea blue crystal can make people have an inclusive heart, can overcome the problem of easy moral judgment, help people get rid of the old concept of compliance, while giving the shouldering the burden of strength, encourage / responsible for themselves, thus forming a positive, dynamic personality.

Sea blue crystals have a tonic function that strengthens the body's purified organs and is beneficial to the eyes, jaws, teeth and stomach. Sea blue crystals can help with sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems. It can also coordinate the relationship between the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland, regulate hormone secretion and physical development, improve myopia, farsightedness, so that the immune system is not too sensitive, autoimmune diseases such as hay fever and other effects.

Aquamarine is evaluated and purchased mainly on the basis of color, transparency and weight. Dark color, flawless, heavy for the good. Aquamarine is characterized by sky blue, sea blue, glass gloss, less wrap, clean, transparent, with weak dichromity, hexagonal column crystal. Avoid impact when wearing.

A woman's stone ---- garnet


Pomegranate, also known as "zi tooth", is now deactivated by the China Treasure Association, but I like the name, full of Chinese taste. The name of the garnet comes from Latin, which means like a seed, or many seeds, because early scientists mentioned garnet crystals grown in rocks, with pomegranate seeds of the same shape and color.

For thousands of years, garnets of all colors have been considered symbols of faith, stethosity and simplicity, and believed in their healing and healing properties, grinding them into powders and using them as dyes, often of practical value. Red garnets, used as a form of disease treatment, are said to reduce fever, and yellow garnets are a cure for yellow bile disease. If it doesn't work after taking it, people curse the drugmaker for using substitutes instead of real gems. For many travelers, liking and wearing garnets can go a long way, and it is said that garnets can protect honor and enhance wellness, treat a variety of diseases, especially to ensure that travel is safe from thrills, all of which means two things to those born in January. Because garnets are January birthstones.


One of the most glorious pages of garnets is that they have been chosen by many royal families as royal treasures, as many Persians often worship garnets as idols of monarchs.

The role of garnets:

Help to improve blood problems, promote circulation, enhance vitality, and then can get beauty and beauty benefits, is the first choice of ladies love. Helps improve reproductive function and enhances the body's ability to regenerate, speeding up wound healing. For workers who often stay up late, work overtime and fatigue day and night, they are able to actively regain their strength.

Because the rough particles are small, garnets are mostly made into hand-made beads, the diameter of more than 20MM garnet pure body bracelets are known as excellent. Very rare, 5-12MM is more common.

In terms of color, garnets are divided into red (wine color) and red, with red garnets being the most expensive.

Red Crystal :


Also known as the red rabbit hair crystal, alias "Venus crystal", is mesh redstone, thin hair soft winding, like a beautiful woman's hair. It is an expensive variety of crystals and produces extremely little, so not many people know it.

Natural red crystal can inspire the mind, rather calm, with special energy and vibration, not only has the role of health care, and even has the work of disease management and transportation, it is appropriate to treasure. Because the red crystal in the whole five lines of the main fire, the main body seven rounds of the seabed wheel, the main endocrine system. Wearer can improve the internal circulation, gynecological diseases have a very good effect. Red crystal can stimulate fighting spirit and enhance people's self-confidence.


The role of red crystal: natural red crystal can inspire the mind, meditation, avoid turbidity and unclean close, can play the role of amulets. If women often wear it, the skin will turn white, there will be beauty effect.

Smart Stone --- amethyst


Amethyst forms a beautiful purple color due to iron-containing minerals. Amethyst is most visible on the market as Brazilian purple and Uruguayan purple.

Generally produced in Brazil is mountain-shaped, one section and two into people's mouths of amethyst hole, but Uruguayan-born amethyst is mostly blocky, the color is also deeper and purpleer, particles are smaller, its magnetic field energy size and color has no absolute relationship, but because most Chinese people think dark purple is more beautiful, so the market color is more purple amethyst price is also higher.

In addition to the general crystal ball, crystal column, hand beads, son, etc. , there are many people like and common amethyst hole, here a little introduction.

Amethyst cave - a different size, containing flashing amethyst cluster of amethyst hole, often attract the eyes of many people, mining amethyst hole the most primitive pattern is a ball-like original mine, one section for two, become a common amethyst hole on the market, it is said that the two sides of the crystal hole has yin and yang, when the hand probe into the hole, sensitive people can feel one side is warm magnetic field energy, the other side is cool magnetic field energy. It would be lucky to have a whole pair of amethyst holes in the collection, as they had been broken up and sold separately as early as the place of origin.

Amethyst cave because of the legend has the role of gasification, treasure, so widely used to improve feng shui feng shui feng shui in Yang house. It is said that in a room, if the five sub-gold, wood, water, fire, soil amethyst hole properly placed, fire, native gold, gold water, aquatic wood, peeling for love. Can become a continuous Pearl Shunsheng Bureau, the pulse of the true dragon, future generations Fuze infinite, children and grandchildren at home will come out of the meta-talent Oh!

Physiological effects - different shades of purple light can correspond to the eyebrow wheel and the top wheel, is said to enhance memory attention, help test luck, for brain lesions and aging has an improved effect, for headaches, migraines and other symptoms also have a soothing effect

Psychological effect: Amethyst because of the corresponding eyebrow wheel and the top wheel, has been able to develop a third eye between the two eyebrows famous, so it can stimulate the brain, stimulate creativity, thus increasing people's confidence, the interaction between men and women and get along with each other and the wearer's own emotions have a stable role, like the loser's blood fight a family can therefore also restrain impulses, to achieve the goal of keeping the money

The stone of justice --- titanium crystal blond crystal


Titanium crystal: with needle-like or plate mineral titanium hair, titanium crystal oxidation after shining gold, is today's most precious crystal, because the appearance of pleasing and extremely rare, but also the highest price on the market crystal. Blonde: Blonde hair with hair or gold, hair is round, thin and many.

Its role of the main positive wealth, partial wealth, with a very strong energy. Can be used when amulets, lucky characters, especially often to work at night, or in and out of a variety of very serious places, such as medical places, special business places, etc. , there is a cult, the effect of murderous Ji, some witchcraft or low-level spiritual interference also has a role in resolving.

For indecisive, indecisive, lack of opinion and courage of people, but also to strengthen their decisive decision-making power, as well as increase the courage of the function, especially for leaders or senior executives who often make decisions, wear titanium crystals, and close to the solar wheel, will be more leadership decision-making ability, leading the next together to open a new bureau, in the cause of extraordinary achievements!

The heart is too soft, often can not help others' entreaties, begging, and make a commitment to their own interests, or easy to be confused by others sweet words, wearing blonde crystals to help firm their position, down-to-earth, and not easy to be deceived. Yellow color light corresponding to the solar wheel, can help the stomach and other digestive organs, to the stomach, duodenum, liver, bile, pancreas, and even skin, diaphragm (respiratory system) have help.

It should be mentioned that titanium crystal belongs to all crystals in the more expensive one crystal, good product phase is much higher than the price of gold, directly chasing the price of tourmaline. Look at the quality of titanium crystal, mainly from the titanium crystal hair color, hair width, plate degree crystal, body permeability degree to distinguish, above the plate titanium ring surface is a fine titanium crystal, the current market price is much higher than gold.

Green hair:


The green hair in the green hair crystal is not a common mineral, but an actinolite, which, as the name implies, has a powerful and effective effect on men.

(1) Green hair crystal corresponding to the heart wheel, help to stimulate ambition, be able to accept challenges, open up new situations.

(2) Green hair crystal can attract positive wealth, can make the career smooth, strengthen the opportunity for a raise and promotion;

3. For those who go out often, wearing green hair crystals close to those who wear them will help bring good luck and good chances.

(4) Male friends with sexual dysfunction, the application of green hair crystal and its inclusion of the compound energy of the sunstone, improve their own function.

Green hair in 2003 when there are still more, it can be seen that green hair hand refining, and even bracelets, is now basically extinct

Brunette Crystal :


Intension for black needle-like or hair-like substances, mostly the composition of black electric stone, it looks cool and modern!

(1) Corresponding to the submarine wheel, the air guide can be directed to the next three rounds. It's a good balance for office workers or creative workers who often overuse their brains.

(2. Black-haired crystal also known as leader stone, for the person in charge wearing can increase the charm of the leader, so that the deployment of a stronger heart, help the cause of growth and development.

(3) Black-haired crystal is very good to evil, absorb disease crystal, can become an effective amulet, absorb all negative energy, anti-witch spells, black spells and so on.

Ghost gods --- ghost crystals

Green Ghost


Green ghost crystal also known as green phantom crystal, vision crystal refers to the growth process of crystal, containing different colors of volcanic mud and other minerals, in the permeable white crystal, such as clouds, water grass, vortex and even pyramids and other natural visions, the inner package color is green is called green ghost crystal, the same reason, because of the change of volcanic mud color, will also form red ghost, white ghost, purple ghost, gray ghost crystal. The "ghost" argument comes from western theory that the dollar bill is green, and the green pyramid in the crystal reflects the mechanism of the universe, from scratch, to create the original power of the foundation, and thus represents the self-made entrepreneurs and career success of today's society, and is sought after by people.

According to the ghost wrap shape with the following three best

1, pyramids (also known as thousands of mountains): this kind of value is the highest, inside the contents of layer by layer spaced, the shape of each layer often appears similar to the shape of the triangular pyramid, and thus named. The more green ghost crystals there are, the more layers there are, and the closer they get to the shape of the pyramid, the better.

2, poly treasure pot class: this kind of value is not as good as the pyramid class, the connotation of the contents like cinders pile up (because the connotation accumulation is not very close, some people feel that the treasure pot is like cinders, some people like mud). This kind of green ghost, is not the more connotations the better, if the connotation accounts for about half of the best, this reflects the unique beauty of the vision crystal, but also in line with the "polypot" this name, if the connotations are full of all crystals, it is not what "basin", of course, if not half of the content of the requirements, the connotation of more than too little.

3, mixed and scattered classes: intensions are pyramids and polypots mixed, or east, west, called dispersion classes, such as the more intensions for the better. The more beautiful the scenery, the more expensive it is.

The companion of the green ghost, the red ghost

The Red Ghost Master's wealth, that is, the wealth brought about by business and business, is best worn by those looking for career opportunities. Can also become a businessman's pet, help to improve thinking, open mind, with the power of wealth and a high degree of cohesion of wealth, is on behalf of the accumulation of wealth due to hard work. Strengthens heart function and smooths emotions (nervousness, insomnia, anger, paranoia). It has auxiliary therapeutic effect on heart, lung, immune system, thymus, lymph gland, heart disease, hypertension and dyspnea.

A person who wears a red ghost needs to have a smooth relationship, a happy marriage, and a good relationship at the same time. You need to ask the Mage to use "red p scales, red bamboo stone, shadow stone, orange stone" to make a stone amulets, and then according to the birthday in the print book to add "cloud moon dance and, chrysanthemum seal, mountain Qiqi seal."

Red ghosts can help the next three rounds of the human body, can improve gynecological diseases and daily colds, headaches and stomachaches and other minor problems, but also improve interpersonal relationships, enhance tolerance, compassion, warm nature.

The mother of wanjing white crystal


Transparent pure white crystal is one of the magical gifts of the earth, white crystal in the whole crystal community, the most widely distributed, the largest number. Generally speaking, white crystal is quartz, but from our point of view, the opaque is called quartz, and the transparent is called white crystal. The natural formation shape of white crystal is quite a variety, there are the most common block, there are hexagonal columns, column groups of white crystal clusters, overlapping growth of the formation of the backbone and so on. And most of the white crystals have containing ice cracking, clouds and other connotations, fully permeable white crystal unless it is a small volume (cut directly from the big raw ore), large volume and fully permeable white crystal price is more expensive and more fakes on the market. So be careful when buying.

White crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, also known as "Mani Baozhu", as the name implies. Therefore, the white crystal made of Buddha statues or cultural relics are for the practice of gas, for Buddha, evil, stop the brake, town house, Dage have a strong positive and divine Buddha holding ability, for the removal of negative energy is its powerful effect. Chest drops made of white crystal have the most balanced energy and the best function of "keeping safe", so it is best to use them as "amulets" and "peace signs". If you are on a desk or desk, you should place a larger white crystal column, which can help to improve work efficiency and promote promotion. In addition, spiritually, because the "top wheel" is active, it is easier to receive messages from the spiritual community and to effectively send messages to the other side.

The stone of fortune is ---- a crystal


The formation of amethyst is due to the natural amethyst by volcanic, geothermal and other factors, internal molecules chemical reaction slowly faded. Crystal is known in the gem world as crystal emerald. In French, the yellow crystal means lemon, presumably saying that the crystal tone is close to the lemon color, and the ancient Roman philosopher Pliny once praised the yellow crystal with "gold" and "jewels". Yellow crystal color is mainly caused by iron or chromium elements in the crystal. Its colors range from light yellow, positive yellow, orange yellow, to golden.

Efficacy: the main financial luck. The yellow cosmic energy of the yellow crystal, commonly known as the stone of wealth. Mild yellow light can inject harmonious power into the human mind, strengthen the spirit, make people full of self-confidence and joy. Yellow light is the manifestation of the strongest energy in the "physical world", so the energy of the quotient corresponds strongly to matter and wealth. And the combination of the spirit and the strength of the body, to establish and maintain a person's spiritual strength, teach people down-to-earth, enhance the ability to implement. It can bring partial financial luck, can enhance the yellow light in the gas field, yellow light will affect material life and financial luck, can create unexpected wealth, is engaged in service business companies and businesses indispensable treasure, and has the effect of making money. In addition, the main umbilical wheel of the crystal has the function of relieving tension and helping the digestive system such as the intestines and stomach. Therefore, the set-up of flannakes to match the home or office of the financial position, can greatly enhance the financial luck. The frequency of its energy vibration affects the human solar nervous plexus, which is a rational body, the main wealth, can create unexpected wealth. The energy of the meth crystal, corresponding to the sun in the human body, is the projective energy, the day, the fire. It corresponds to the solar wheel, is a rational body, the main gastrointestinal function.

Like garnet tourmaline, girls love it

The stone of honest friendship --- amethyst


Amethyst is made by amethyst through natural geothermal and other high temperatures, slowly fade, so amethyst has both amethyst and yellow crystal characteristics, which will also have natural ice cracks and cloud patterns, currently said to be only Bolivia this country has produced amethyst

Amethyst is regarded by Westerners as the stone of honesty, it symbolizes sincerity, integrity and kindness, but also symbolizes innocence and happiness, suitable for gifts to the minors. Westerners regard Huang Jing as "the stone of friendship", representing sincere and sincere love, meaning beauty and intelligence;

Yellow color light corresponding to the sun wheel, can help the stomach and other digestive organs, to the stomach, duodenum, liver, bile, pancreas, and even skin, diaphragm (respiratory system) are helpful, different shades of purple light can correspond to the eyebrow wheel and the top wheel, is said to strengthen memory attention, help test luck, for brain lesions and aging has improved effect, for headache, migraine and other symptoms also have a soothing effect

The real amethyst is a crystal inside the purple-yellow symbiosis, there are indiscriminate fillers will be amethyst and yellow crystal matching, posing as amethyst for sale. Because the value of amethyst is very expensive, so be sure to see clearly when buying

special note: This information is provided by the relevant enterprises themselves, the authenticity is not confirmed, for reference only. Use it with caution at your own risk.