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About Us

About Us

About GaiaBuya

GaiaBuya Online Shopping Mall, established in 2020, is the online shopping platform of GaiaBuya International Limited, a subsidiary of GaiaBuya International Limited, offering a wide range of products. In addition to our own branded products, our team has carefully sourced quality products from around the world and provided one-stop services to make it easy for our customers to shop online for water products anytime, anywhere. 

Our core values at GaiaBuya are honesty, consideration, justice, optimism, and innovation, and we are committed to serving you with the utmost care, based on the principles of technical expertise, passion for service, and quality products. We believe that "quality," "price," and "service" are the best guarantees we can bring to our customers. 

Why do you want to do online shopping? 

The advancement of time and information technology has provided us with a lot of convenience. In addition, the high cost of renting a physical store is a major factor in the high price of goods, we hope that an online store can save costs and allow our customers to enjoy real shopping privileges.

GaiaBuya's Mission 


Our mission is to improve the quality of life by bringing the best products from around the world to every customer, so that they can enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own homes and without leaving their homes.


Our vision is to promote "sharing love" through interactive relationships on the Internet, using the power of love to create a cycle of love regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or race, and to work for the sustainable development of Hong Kong. 

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